Cheese takes the cake

Robynne Harvey with a wedding cake made from cheeses.

SAY CHEESE: Robynne Harvey with a wedding cake made from cheeses. MARTIN DE RUYTER/NELSON MAIL

Article published in the Nelson Mail on 16 July 2009.

Forget the double chocolate cake, the lamington tower or traditional fruit cake the wedding cake du jour is solid cheese.

Moutere-based CheeseShop co-owner Robynne Harvey has been approached to make a cake for a Dunedin woman who got married in the United Kingdom and wants to recreate her cake for friends and family in New Zealand.

Cheese wedding cakes were “very trendy” in the United Kingdom, Ms Harvey said.

“They have been for a couple of years. We are a bit slow here.”

Ms Harvey said the woman had showed her a picture of the cheese cake she’d had and the CheeseShop was putting together a selection of award-winning New Zealand cheeses for the bride.

The cheeses would be couriered, with assembly instructions, to Dunedin for the woman to assemble for another ceremony in August.

The original cake weighed around 19 kilograms, enough to go around 200 to 250 people in a buffet style meal, and retailed for around $900.

Ms Harvey said the cake heading to Dunedin would be smaller, feed about 100 to 120 guests and cost about $350.

The CheeseShop has stalls at both the Nelson and Motueka markets, and also sells its cheese on the internet.

Ms Harvey said it was the first wedding cake she had made, despite having been approached by other people, usually those back from trips to England, in the past.

Like many wedding cakes, once the bride and groom had been photographed cutting it, the cake’s tiers would be dismantled and eaten, she said.

“I would serve it with breads, crackers, lots of fruit and lots of different nibbly options like seafood pate and nuts.”