CheeseShop specialises in maturing all varieties of New Zealand made Gouda, Maasdam and Leyden. Our goudas are produced by award winning Dutch cheesemakers Meyer Gouda, Mahoe, Mercer and Barry’s Bay Cheese.

We also stock quality boutique cheeses sourced from all over New Zealand, including an extensive selection of sheep, goat and buffalo milk cheeses, blue cheeses, soft and fresh cheeses, mozzarellas, fetas and Italian parmesans. These include an excellent range of Whitestone, Evansdale, Talbot Forest, Over the Moon Dairy, Gibbston Valley, Meadowcroft Farm and Blue River cheeses.

CheeseShop cheese and preserves

To accompany your cheeseboard we have a selection of gourmet deli products such as Robbie’s Gourmet preserves including Fickle Figs in Red Wine & Balsamic, The Salami Guy Salami, Mashtun Beer grain crackers, Bonnie’s Oat Crackers, Marlborough olives, Croft Pinot & Sauvignon Blanc Pastes, Hot Passion Chilli Jam and many other gourmet delicacies!

Give your tastebuds a treat!

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CheeseShop Spicy Pinot Figs & Blue Cheese Gourmet Gift Hamper

Gourmet Gift Hampers

Our Gourmet Gift Hampers are designed to offer an exciting taste experience for your lucky recipient’s eating pleasure!




CheeseShop Wedding Cheesecake—photo courtesy of Jacqui Leslie Photography

CheeseShop Wedding Cheesecake—photo courtesy of Jacqui Leslie Photography

Cheese stacks for Special Occasions

Special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, even Christmas, are made extra special with a CheeseShop CheeseStacks using an exciting selection of ripened artisan cheeses stacked and decorated with gourmet accompaniments like fruit or simple blooms.

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